"Remarkably informative classes, excellent health products and authentic advice from a friendly face. Highly recommend Elissa's services to anyone seeking genuine nutritional advice."

~ Jen Wilde, Wilde Fermentations

"Over the past few years I have seen a variety of health care professionals to address my health concerns. Elissa is incredibly smart and knowledgeable and by far was the most informative and most helpful of all the health care providers I encountered. She explains the hows and whys of what is going on and then gives practical advice to address the issue. She is genuinely invested in the health of her clients and is always happy to help. Elissa is the first person I go to when I have health and nutrition questions and the first person I refer my clients to who need specialized nutrition guidance and assessment."

~ Jenna Howe, Rejeneration

"Elissa has been so helpful to me. I have learned a lot from her as to how to eat better. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a holistic nutritionist."

~ Michele Isaac

"After 40 odd years of carrying an 40 extra pounds , bouncing energy levels and mood levels, love/hating sugar and dairy,always eating "healthy" foods and ending up just feeling out of whack and thoroughly confused about all of it, I decided I'd had it and that I did not know anything anymore about what to eat and what not to eat. I presented myself to Elissa, one day hopeless and helpless, and after a whirlwind, dynamic informative exciting session I went home with a plan and hope. Elissa was stunningly brilliant about nutrition, explained all that happens in my body and why and I understood it all.

That was in April and I have lost 20 pounds, slowly and continuously and I love my new food groups, power foods. My energy level is quite steady, I feel like I can age much more gracefully now with new knowledge and I am committed to paying closer attention to my body, something I lost since the days of ballet and gymnastics many moons ago. There is no deadline for me although I have an ideal weight in mind I don't care if I get there because I feel so much healthier and I continue to shed pounds - without any other annoying pressures, namely exercise till you drop. So I am grateful to myself for having gone to see Elissa and grateful for Elissa's knowledge and loving presence. I highly recommend you take your health into your own hands with her guidance and expert advice."

~ Chloe Thonney

"Elissa of Zen Holistic Nutrition is incredibly knowledgeable about health and wellness. She's spent years studying and researching different paths to vitality, and in her classes, she offers incredible amounts of knowledge and support to you on your healing journey. In the ten week class series I took with her, she gave us a thorough, in depth, and clear understanding of how to optimize our health and energy via nutrition, as well as yoga and meditation. She explained common problems that can compromise vitality, and what to do about them. When you enroll in her courses, you will find that she is distilling her years worth of training and delivering them to you in ways you can actually receive and integrate, and the amount of information you will benefit from is truly incredible. I don't believe there were ever any unanswered questions that came up in our class, as Elissa was always able to speak to each issue that was raised. This is a teacher who has dedicated her life to health, and who really knows her stuff. She studies ongoingly to keep her research and information current, so you are always getting the freshest information and cutting edge research and teachings to apply to your life. I can't recommend her highly enough. The opportunity to study with her will be a good investment in your best health and quality of life."

~ Giselle Ruemke, MA, RCC, Heart of the Matter Counselling

"Holistic nutritionists don't get enough credit for the service they provide, and most people don't know how life changing a personalized wellness plan can be. Regardless of my health goals, symptoms or illness, the right health coach and nutrition plan provides the foundation on which everything stands. And as much as I've read and incorporated about nutrition and eating right, I've benefited so much more from consultations with Elissa. This has made the difference between having average health and energy, to having a much improved overall well being of both body and mind."

~ D. Pappas