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Elissa Michaud is a holistic nutritionist certified in sports nutrition and co-author of two successive books titled "Healers Guide: The Best of Holistic Care."

She specializes in condition specific nutrition, and peak performance. She is also trained under the David Wolfe Raw Nutrition Program and often incorporates raw superfoods/herbs and balanced cleansing into her client’s program.

As the owner of Zen Holistic Nutrition Elissa has a thorough knowledge of vitamin, mineral, herbal and performance supplementation and this knowledge is woven into tailored nutrition programs that may include premium tonics, medicinal foods, herbs and natural supplements where appropriate.

With a background in Kundalini Yoga, she implements relaxation, therapeutic and body mind techniques upon request to facilitate wellbeing, break patterns of addiction, reduce stress and support shifts in awareness and consciousness. This may include one-on-one yoga and meditation coaching.

Elissa is a Pranic Healer who has taught many students the subtle art of energy healing and has facilitated hundreds of healing sessions and clinics. Pranic Healing is a powerful and effective healing modality, unique in its techniques and applications. Ailment specific protocols and psychotherapy applications are its signature. For clients who wish to move beyond restrictive physical or emotional limitations to healing, she is able to provide additional support with this complementary therapy.

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