How does holistic nutrition differ from a general nutrition consultative approach?

Holistic nutrition, as based on the Body Mind Nutrition System, applies a whole person approach. Diet and food choices are only one part of the equation. The nutritionist investigates all factors that stand in the way of optimal health. This requires an in depth look at the system’s primary functions - digestion, absorption, utilization, excretion. Constitution, heredity, toxicity, sleep, insulin resistance, parasites, bacterial and viral infections, oxygen and probiotic levels, ph/acidity, work and home environment, exercise, lifestyle, stress and relationships are all considered as contributing factors to health and wellbeing.

What is unique about a holistic approach with respect to diet and nutrition?

The outdated approach to nutrition that focuses on calorie counting and ratios; good vs. bad; allowed and forbidden is replaced by one that is tailored to your unique requirements and circumstances in the moment. A holistic approach maximizes nutrient intake while increasing the body´s absorption efficiency. It increases the body´s ability to utilize nutrients at the cellular level and eliminate waste effectively. We implement solutions that dramatically reduce insulin resistance, positively influencing hormone levels and increasing the metabolic rate. The quantity and quality of living food, healthy fats as well as various co-factors - salt, trace minerals, probiotics, enzyme levels and vitamins - are assessed and optimized.

How will a holistic nutritionist help me get back on track?

Ultimately you are your own best healer, but during the course of life it is easy to become sidetracked by illness, stress, fast paced schedules and unsupportive habits. When the body´s chemical balance and hormones are disrupted it causes the brain to receive and respond in a chaotic and confused way often getting stuck in an unhealthy pattern. We become disconnected from our intuition because it is hard to interpret the signals. This makes it hard to consciously "tune in" to what we need in the moment. A holistic nutritionist will guide you to implement simple shifts that last a lifetime in order to bring the body’s chemical balance – including insulin, cortisol, neurotransmitters and cellular communication back online gently and efficiently. You can reclaim your intuitive capacity so that you will be able to make the best choices at all times. The valuable skills and knowledge learned and implemented stay with you for life.

What happens during a consultation?

During the initial 30 minute consultation, an assessment takes place and the areas of improvement identified. You will be given simple instructions – the information and tools required to begin your holistic nutrition therapy. At the close of the appointment, we determine whether further sessions are required. Such may be the case with sports/performance nutrition; when transitioning to vegetarian or vegan diets; in the case of chronic illness, long term stress, mild to severe fatigue, deficiency conditions, environmental/food allergies, autism spectrum disorders, pre and post natal care, menopause, senior´s health; for quick recovery from acute conditions and when we want to upgrade our old operating system!

What happens during a series of coaching sessions?

You may choose a series of four or eight bi-weekly or monthly sessions. The sessions take place in person or over the phone at your convenience, however it is recommended to have the first session in person. A number of progressive actions designed to build upon each other are implemented incrementally over a period of several months, periodically assessed for effectiveness and fine-tuned when necessary.